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Taylormade TP5 Review: Are TP5 Golf Balls a ProV1 Killer?

When golf geeks get together, equipment is regularly discussed, with the newest clubs being the main focal point of those conversations.

However, the piece of equipment that golfers use the most – the golf ball – is often overlooked.

Now that every golf ball company offers multiple options from which a golfer must choose, understanding how these balls are different and how they perform can help weekend warriors ensure that they’re playing the best ball for their game.

Today, we’re focusing on a tour level golf ball that has been making waves from the amateur ranks to the Sunday CBS broadcasts. While the prototype tour ball has always been the Titleist Pro V1 or Pro V1X, the TaylorMade TP5 and TP5x models have been gaining market share, especially amongst the best players in the world.

Many people have expressed interest in learning more about these balls to see if they’re worth making the switch.

So here’s our Taylormade TP5 review after playing numerous rounds with them over the last few months.

First Impressions of the Taylormade TP5 Golf Ball

From a cosmetic standpoint, there aren’t any noticeable difference between the Taylor TP5/TP5X and most other tour level balls. The dimple patterns, text, and numbering are all pretty standard. However, the box claims that these are “THE MOST COMPLETE TOUR BALL”.

Taylormade TP5 Golf Ball

The reason for this statement is not how they look but how they’re designed.

The “5” in TP5 is referring to the number of layers that make up the ball (two layers in the cover and thee in the core), which create “progressive levels of compression”. The packaging contains additional technical jargon such as “Tri-Fast Core”, “Dual-Spin Cover”, and “Maximum Energy Transfer” (lest we not forget, Taylormade is the master of naming their new technologies, hello TwistFace!)

Maneuvering through the verbiage, the main concept is that the layers allow for increased distance and control for every club in the bag.

Overall, these are both great-looking golf balls that should fit the eye of almost any golfer playing a comparable tour-level ball.

2021 TaylorMade TP5 Golf Balls

The 2021 Taylormade TP5 or TP5x is a fantastic golf ball, and a worthy competitor to other tour balls like the ProV1. It doesn't hurt it's a few bucks cheaper, as well.

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Taylormade TP5 vs TP5x vs Pro V1

To compare the overall feel, short game performance, and long game performance, I took a TP5, TP5X, and a ProV1 to my home course.

And for reference, I’m a +1 handicap.

TP5 Around the Greens

I started with chipping around the green and progressively moved to 50-yard pitches. The first thing that I noticed was that the TP5 felt softer than the TP5X and was more similar to the ProV1, which is likely a result of the difference in compression. This was a small difference and likely not one that many golfers would notice if they put the ball in play.

Next, I noticed that I was spinning the TP5 more than I would’ve liked. I was having a harder time controlling the level of spin when intending to hit shots to hop once and stop when compared to the TP5X, even though both balls market themselves as being designed to provide the highest spin. Overall, both the TP5 and TP5X performed well on these shots.

All that said, for high-spin players like myself, the TP5X might be a better fit based on being a higher compression ball.

Taylormade TP5 Long Game

While both balls are marketed as having the highest spin with wedges, the differentiation begins as clubs get longer.

TaylorMade states that the TP5X produces low spin with high launch on shots hit with irons and woods while the Taylormade TP5 produces mid spin with mid launch. Additionally, the TP5X is marketed as being longer than the TP5.

To test this, I took to the course on a warm day that was also fairly windy.

On the course, I hit multiple tee shots with the TP5X, TP5, and ProV1 using my driver and 3W as well as multiple shots from 250, 200, 175, and 150. While I wasn’t using any technology to measure results, what I saw seemed to align with what TaylorMade said about each ball.

On all of the shots, I noticed the TP5X launching higher and carrying further. The TP5X also seemed to be less impacted by shots with noticeable side spin than both the TP5 and ProV1, which is likely to be a factor of the lower overall spin. For a high spin golfer, the TP5X will likely produce more control and more distance.

For those players that struggle with spinning the ball, the TP5 will help optimize spin and create more overall distance and control.

With my driver, the TP5X was longer than the TP5 by an average of about 4 yards and longer than the ProV1 by an average of about 6 yards.

These distance ratios also remained consistent with shorter shots.

Both the TP5 and TP5X performed better than the ProV1 when hit into the wind.

The TP5X was the best performer of the three, which once again aligns with what TaylorMade says the technology should do. I saw a more piercing ball flight, even when hit higher into the wind, and overall, I had very few shots balloon up and lose distance. The

TP5 seemed to be impacted a little more by the wind, however the slightly lower launch helped to make up for that impact.

Final Thoughts on Taylormade TP5 Golf Ball

In my opinion, the hype around the TP5 and TP5X is well deserved.

As expected, they’re priced like a tour-level ball at $50 a dozen, but at a couple bucks cheaper than a box of ProV1s and performance that is at the very least on par, if not better, I was very impressed by the latest release of Taylormade’s Tour Ball.

Both the TP5 and TP5x has great feel and performed as expected from tee to green. When compared to other tour-level balls, I didn’t feel as though I was left wanting in any specific area.

Any golfer playing the correct ball for them can expect to see increased ball speeds and carry distance, better performance in the wind, and more control around the greens.

While the TP5X is my ball of choice, my recommendation is to perform a similar review and determine which one best fits your game.

If you’re interested in the TP5, I’d also check out the Vice Pro Plus golf balls. They have similar performance but are much less expensive.

And if neither of those work for you? We’ve got a full run down of what we think the best golf balls on the market are.

2021 TaylorMade TP5 Golf Balls

The 2021 Taylormade TP5 or TP5x is a fantastic golf ball, and a worthy competitor to other tour balls like the ProV1. It doesn't hurt it's a few bucks cheaper, as well.

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We earn a commission if you click this link and make a purchase at no additional cost to you.
10/01/2023 01:10 am GMT

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