Redvanly Thatcher Polo

Redvanly Golf Polos: New Take on an Old Classic

Redvanly is one of my favorite companies in the golf space.


Because they don’t fit into any one specific mold.

They’re a boutique company that makes shirts that are more tailored and fit better than the big box brands.

Their material and sweat wicking technology is similar to what you’d find with Chase54, but is even a little bit comfier.

And their style is playful in a way that truly makes their shirts distinct.

For those reasons, Redvanly makes some of my favorite polos on the market.

Why I’m So Impressed with Redvanly in 2018

I first came across Redvanly about three years ago, and I’ve gotten to know their founder Andrew pretty well. They specialize in both golf and tennis, and each season I’ve found that their product improves on what it’s had in years past.

Refinements to fabric have led to a moisture wicking shirt that performs really well in any temperature (and it always has).

In their words:

“Our fabric is the perfect blend of “water hating” Polyester and “water loving” TENCEL®. The polyester (the majority of the blend) is hydrophobic and will not absorb moisture. It pushes the sweat out for evaporation. The Tencel (the smaller % of the blend) is hydrophilic.

The Tencel wicks, or pulls, the sweat off the skin and into the fabric.  The Elastane (the other small % of the blend) gives the perfect amount of stretch and recovery. To sum up, our fabric pulls sweat off your body and dries it faster than any other material.”

I’ve also noticed that this season my latest polo is slightly longer than a previous one I had, which makes it the perfect length. It’s stays tucked in on the course, but you could also wear it untucked off the course.

Which brings up one of the things I like about them: the versatility.

Some of their designs are bolder than others, and they use a lot of lighter colors and pastels that you don’t often see on the course.

But because of this, you’re left with a shirt that stands out on the links (without being too flashy), but could also be worn with jeans and sandals for happy hour beers with your friends.

Should You Pick Up a Redvanly Golf Polo?

The 2018 styles have also resonated with me more than any other year. The Thatcher in particular hits the right blend of unique without being too in your face, and the sublimated texture on the sleeves I think looks really cool.

If you’re looking for a super lightweight jacket to throw in your golf bag, then they also make some killer jackets as well.

This Redvanly shirt is definitely going in my regular rotation for the summer, and if you’re looking for a high end, comfortable golf polo with a slightly bolder look than you might find elsewhere? Then look no further than Redvanly – you won’t be disappointed.

Check out my review of the Bergen Polo from their 2019 collection.

Highly Recommended

Good Things

  • Modern style
  • Tailored Fit
  • High Performance

Bad Things

  • Not Cheap
  • Would like the collar to be a bit stiffer

The Breakdown

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