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Redvanly Murray Jacket Review

It’s no secret that I dig Redvanly’s stuff.

I love small companies who are doing big things, and I think this sums up Redvanly’s line of clothes perfectly.

I first met their founder Andrew in NYC last year, and we hit it off immediately. He’s an entrepreneurial guy who has a passion for what he does, and is constantly striving to make his clothes better.

Last year I reviewed Redvanly’s golf polos, which I love. They are a great balance of style and performance, and when you meet someone else wearing their stuff, there’s a little bit of that “in the know” vibe going on which is always fun.

This isn’t a review about polos, but I’ll say their 2016 line has me even more impressed. They’ve improved on what was an already fantastic material blend, that was more comfortable, and even better at wicking sweat on hot days.

The colorways across the array of their polo line also goes from classic to bold with options in between depending on how much you stand out on the course. I love having just a little bit of flair, and Redvanly is one of the best brands to provide that.

That said, I hadn’t been exposed to anything other than their polos.

So, when Andrew called me up and told me he had something I was going to love, naturally I was pretty stoked.

A few weeks later one of his new Murray jackets showed up on my front porch, and within seconds of opening it up, I could tell this was something unique in the boutique golf space.

The Murray Jacket can barely be called a jacket since it’s so light. Seriously, this is the lightest weight golf jacket I’ve ever seen, and assuming you know why you’re buying it, this is a very good thing.

My wife has been an apparel designer at one of the biggest sportswear companies in the world for the past ten years, and when she first saw it she immediately said “Whoa, that is really nice. It’s super expensive to make that kind of jacket.”

It was interesting to hear that, because my initial reaction, was this seems a little on the spendy side for such a lightweight piece of clothing (it’s 100% nylon).

The Murray Jacket in grey.

The Murray Jacket in grey.

And while it’s certainly not cheap at $155, I’ve found it to be an incredibly versatile jacket.

For one, it packs down to nothing, so it’s easy to keep in my golf bag without weighing me down.

It also solves a need I had in my golf apparel arsenal. I have a couple Goretex waterproof jackets, and I have quarter zip sweaters and pullovers, but I didn’t have anything that I could wear on days that were windy, had light rain, yet were also warm.

The Galvin Green jacket linked above definitely works, but can be a little overkill if it’s 80 degrees out.

We’re in the thick of a very weird summer here in Portland. We’ve had both warm and cold days, and a surprising amount of grey days with off and on rain.

This jacket has been perfect for that. I opted for the grey version, which I’ve found goes with just about all of my golf apparel. For people who want a little more flash, they also make it in a red and white colorway that looks awesome.

This jacket is perfect for: Those something ultra-lightweight, is very versatile in warmer weather golf conditions, and wants something more unique than what the major label brands.

This jacket isn’t for: Those who need a fully waterproof jacket, golf predominantly in cold weather situations, and are overly price-conscious.

Bottom line: Despite reservations about the price, I can definitely recommend this jacket for the reasons I mentioned above. It looks good, performs in wind and light rain admirably, and has enough style that I can wear it off the course as well.

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Good Things

  • Extremely Lightweight
  • Great protection from wind/light rain
  • Good style and color options

Bad Things

  • Expensive
  • Won't protect you much in a downpour

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