Breaking Eighty 2013 Golf Road Trip is On

Well after nearly 6 months of thinking, considering, debating, and more recently planning and booking, the Breaking Eighty 2013 Golf Road Trip is officially a go.

As we speak I’m somewhere over Utah en route to Milwaukee by way of Chicago.  This evening I’m going to hit a few hot spots recommended by friends in Sheboygan and then I won’t be wasting anymore time as I’ll be playing 36 holes tomorrow.

First up is The Bull at Pinehurst Farms, the only Jack Nicklaus Signature course in Wisconsin, and then in the afternoon I hit Meadow Valleys at Blackwolf Run.

Both are top 100 public courses, so they’ll be grear warm ups to the trip and the River and Straits courses later in the week.

However, much more on the courses later on.

For those of you who want to follow along, here’s the deal. A daily(ish) video blog, and full recaps of every course and hole I play to come over the coming weeks.

In the meantime, here are the best places to follow along:

  • Breaking Eighty You Tube Channel – Beautiful scenery from the courses, interesting tips you might not hear anywhere else, and other random experiences as we drive through Michigan, Illinois and Wisconsin. You can also check out my other channel, that’s all about travel and entrepreneurship.
  • Twitter – My primary account is @seanogle, and where I do most of my tweeting personally. We also have a whole account devoted to golf at @breaking_eighty
  • Facebook – We have the best golf Facebook page on the internet. Hands down.
  • Instagram – There will be lots of photos from this account @seanogle
  • Email – There will be a weekly recap of everything, plus you get our resource guide, which you won’t want to miss.

With that, I’ll leave you with my test video for the trip. I’ve been slicing my drives the last few rounds, so I headed to the range in the pouring rain yesterday to try and work out the kinks before taking off.  I also talk about the 3 things I’m looking forward to most about the trip.

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  1. Trevor Mauch

    LOVE IT man! Absolutely love this quest you’ve started. Haha, halfway jealous of it too!

    So, I wanna be a part of it w/ ya my man 🙂 I’ve got a townhouse overlooking the golf course down at the Running Y (a Palmer designed course) in Klamath Falls… they at least at one point (not sure if they still are) a top 100 in the US course in Golf Digest. Would love to grab a round w/ you there!

    Also, you hit up Bandon Dunes yet? If not, I’d love to grab a round there w/ ya. This fall may be a great time… wind isn’t as heavy in the winter (for the most part)… it’ll be rainy probably but green fees will be half too.

    Hit me up dude. You’ve got my email. You’ll break 80 my man.

    – Trevor

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