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Callaway Golf Apparel: How is their 2019 Golf Lineup?

Over the years most of the apparel that I’ve reviewed here at Breaking Eighty has been from more boutique companies that have been looking to shake up the golf world or do something a bit different.

Holderness and Bourne is balancing performance and a tailored fit, while paying homage to the traditions of the game.

Redvanly also does performance, but on the other end of the spectrum, choosing to go more modern.

In looking at those brands, I often don’t give credit or look at some of the more established brands of the game – and so today I’m going to do just that.

Callaway has been one of the biggest names in golf for decades. These days they’re receiving a ton of praise for their Epic clubs, and forward thinking approach towards social media and events.

But how is their golf apparel? That’s what I set about to find out.

Callaway Golf Apparel 2019

Recently I was sent a few items from Callaway’s 2019 golf lineup: a pair of Tech Ergo shorts, a Swing Tech Cooling+ quarter zip, and a Swing Tech Jacquard polo.

I’ve had them out on the course for a few rounds now, and I can safely report back that the clothes, are well, exactly what you’d expect from a brand like Callaway.

Let’s take a look at each.

Rocking the Callaway Swing Tech Jacquard polo and Ergo Shorts at Silvies Ranch in Eastern Oregon

Callaway Swing Tech Cooling+ Quarter Zip

First up is the SwingTech Cooling+ Quarter zip.

Callaway Swing Tech Quarter Zip

Most of my quarter zips are relatively heavy, and warm material. But there’s one that I wear all the time in the summer. It’s a Nike running quarter zip that’s extremely lightweight, and is perfect if you just want a layer over your polo while warming up.

This Callaway Quarterzip feels like a better version of that. It’s very lightweight, and would be really easy to shove into your bag as the weather warms up.

This Callaway pullover also seems to give you a bit more range of motion and comfort during the golf swing, which obviously, is because it was built as golf rather than running apparel.

Throw in the fact it’s got SPF 50 protection, and it works very well as an added layer in the summer.

Buy the Callaway Swing Tech Cooling+ quarter Zip

Callaway Swing Tech Ergo Shorts

The Callaway Ergo shorts are well, golf shorts! They pretty much do exactly what you’d expect them to do.

They do feature moisture-wicking material that I actually did find to work pretty well after a couple of hot rounds back east. They’re pretty straight legged, and as with any good golf pant, the waist band has a layer of rubber (in the shape of the Callaway logo, no less) to help ensure your shirts stay tucked in.

The more I’ve worn these shorts, the more I really like them.

Lately when I’ve been traveling I’ve been rocking a pair of Bluffworks Travel Pants during some of my rounds, which don’t have that elastic, and while I love the pants, I hate how much my shirt comes untucked when wearing them – so rocking the Callaway shorts for a few rounds was a nice reprieve.

And either I’m starting to put on some weight as the summer hits, or these shorts run just slightly on the small side. I’m a pretty consistent 34, and these were just a little on the snug side. So keep that in mind when ordering.

Buy the Callaway Swing Tech Ergo Shorts

In posting on Instagram stories during this trip, I had 3 people compliment this shirt 🙂

Callaway Swing Tech Jacquard Polo

The first thing you notice about the Jacquard Polo is how soft it is. It’s a polyester shirt made with their signature sweat wicking fabric “Opti-Dri” which, did in fact, do a great job of keeping me dry and wicking the sweat on hot days.

These days I’m used to a little bit more of a tailored fit in my golf shirts than the Jacquard – but this polo is on par with what I think of when it comes to a traditional golf shirt. Very roomy, slightly longer sleeves, and it gives you plenty of range of motion during the golf swing.

Ruining his shot, but at least I look good in the Jacquard Polo doing it.

I’m almost always a medium, and the medium Callaway polo was definitely the right size.

And considering, at a peak of $65, it’s about 25-35% cheaper than many of the boutique brands – this is a great choice if you’re looking to stock up on a reliable, comfortable polo.

The one I’m wearing is also the “caviar” color way.

Buy the Callaway Swing Tech Jacquard Polo

Final Thoughts on Callaway Golf Clothes

Overall, the current lineup of Callaway golf clothes is exactly what you’d expect it to be. Well made, good looking golf clothes at an affordable price.

Is it revolutionizing the industry or breaking barriers or boundries? Not really, and you know what? That’s totally fine. If you’re looking for a new outfit to hit the links in this summer, you won’t be disappointed picking up the latest from Callaway Golf.

Check out the latest Callaway Apparel on their website.

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