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Nice Shot Golf Gloves Review

I first heard of Nice Shot golf gloves when I was at the PGA show this past January.

There was a bit of a buzz around the company due to their somewhat edgy concept of having their “nice shot” logo emblazoned on the middle finger of their gloves.

I didn’t get a chance to talk to them, and frankly found the concept kind of gimmicky, so I didn’t think much of it.

Then a few months ago they reached out and asked if they could send over a glove.

Nice shot Golf Gloves

Luckily they’ve expanded their product line a bit.

I figured I’d give it a shot and went out to play a round earlier in the summer with one of their signature gloves – and at first, I’ll be honest, I felt kind of stupid wearing it.

I’m generally not a flashy guy on the golf course, and this just wasn’t my style.

But then about 15 rounds later, I realized something:

This was the best golf glove I’ve ever used.

Seriously. They didn’t pay me anything to write this aside from the free glove, but I’ve been seriously impressed by their product, even if wasn’t a huge fan initially of the branding.

Note: I’ve since come around as I like what they’re doing for the game of golf, and the fact they’ve expanded their product line.

It’s made of cabretta leather, has a bullseye button ball marker, and as advertised is truly a tour quality glove..

But what makes this glove stand out compared to others I’ve used?

There are two things in particular:

1. It’s durable.

I’ve played at least 15-20 rounds with this glove, and it’s soft leather is still in good shape. It’s starting to wear on the heal of my hand, but it’s lasted longer than most of the other gloves I’ve played.

2. It seems more resistant to sweat and water

I could just be making this up, but this glove seems to handle sweat and water better than most.

Some gloves I’ll sweat through in 2 holes if it’s really hot out. These I’ve played full rounds in 90+ degree weather, and it didn’t start really soaking through until late in the round.

I’ve also played in light rain, and it’s still in totally usable shape – whereas other gloves get hard and unusable after getting even a little bit damp.

The Verdict

I love this glove, and fortunately they’ve expanded the product line to include gloves that feature their logo in place other than the middle finger.

And even though the branding isn’t necessarily my cup of tee, I do think golf needs more brands like Nice Shot. It needs edge, it needs youth, and most of all it needs fun. These guys do a great job of embodying that.

I’m excited to see what the future of their company looks like, and see where they take their product offerings from here. Because if the quality is similar to what they’ve done with their current Signature Series glove, then good things are to come.

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Good Things

  • Great brand for game of golf. But --->
  • Reasonable Price
  • Great for hot weather
  • Best performing golf glove I've used

Bad Things

  • Branding is Love or Hate
  • See above.

The Breakdown

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