Nike Golf Rain Suit

The Best Golf Rain Suit for Under $150?

I knew that taking a golf trip to Wisconsin and Michigan in October may not have been the best idea from a weather perspective – so I did my best to prepare myself.

While my first few rounds were unbelievable weather wise, that quickly changed when I hit Erin Hills and the Irish Course at Whistling Straits.

Let’s just say things got wet. Very wet.

I pulled the Storm Fit Nike Golf Rain Suit out of my bag, put it on and hoped for the best.

I ordered a medium and the fit was perfect, it was also higher quality than I was expecting.  It was built well, and had a high “storm-fit” rating which is what Nike uses to rate the waterproofness of their products.

I found it to be easy to move around in, comfortable, and most importantly extremely waterproof.  Seriously, I was in a torrential downpour for half an hour and by the time I made it back to the clubhouse and pulled off the jacket, I was completely dry underneath.

If you’re playing in humid weather you can expect it to get a little warm in there as it isn’t the most breathable product I’ve ever had, but it’s not terrible either.

It retails for around $150, and you can usually find it a little bit cheaper on Amazon. Also take a look at and their clearance section, as I’ve seen it as low as $100.

UPDATE: February 2014

So since my October road trip I’ve used my Nike Rain Suit a couple times in light rain, and it’s performed like a champ – so when I headed to Bandon Dunes this past weekend and the forecast was for lots of rain, I wasn’t too worried.

Well, this is the first time this suit let me down.

We played Pacific Dunes in a driving rain and heavy wind. I didn’t have an umbrella or anything to shield me from the elements. Despite being hammered by water with every step, I was pretty dry underneath up until about the 12th hole.

After that the torrent of water was just too much to handle.

I ended up soaking through 3 layers and was cold and wet to the bone.

So with that said, this was a very unusual case, and most of you aren’t stupid enough to be playing golf in this weather anyway. I had another wet round on the Trails Course and Bandon Preserve the following day, bought an umbrella, and the suit held up perfectly.

So for 95% of your wet weather golfing, this suit will be great.

If you decide to head out and play golf in a hurricane? Well then you might want to pick up their elite rain jacket, which is $180 each for the pants and jacket.

Recommended? Yes

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Good Things

  • Looks Great
  • Good, onobtrusive fit
  • Comes with both pants and jacket

Bad Things

  • Wont hold up in Extremely Wet Conditons

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