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Rolling Green Golf Club: Philly’s Best Hidden Gem Golf Course

I’ll be honest, I didn’t know much about Rolling Green Golf Club prior to this trip.

But after talking to some guys about golf in the area on Golf Club Atlas, Mike reached out and offered to have us out for a round.

We were joined by his friend Bill, and between the two of them I don’t think I’ve ever played with a more opinionated tandem of people when it comes to golf course design.

I mean this in the best way possible, as they knew much more than I did – and it was great to hear their thoughts on the topic.

Rolling Green is unique in that it is very up, and then very down throughout the whole course.

However, surprisingly, it never felt like an overly difficult walk; the holes each felt unique and different, even with many of the approaches being uphill.

There is a great variety of par 3s with holes going up hill, downhill, long, short – all of the par 3s are interesting in their own way which is certainly not always the case on courses like this.

After we finished 18, we grabbed a cart and went back around for a selective 9 during sunset. It’s always fun to get to play some of your favorite holes a second time around!

My only real knock on the course was the brutal, long, uphill par 5, 9th hole. It felt like a long slog compared to the rest of the course which was incredibly enjoyable.

In my golf travels, there are maybe a dozen or so courses that stand out in my mind as courses I didn’t know much about, but was totally wow’ed by – and Rolling Green Golf Club is one of those courses.

It’s fun, unique, and should get more recognition than it does in the greater golf world.

Rolling Green Golf Club Photos

Here are some of my favorite photos from the day at Rolling Green:

The second at Rolling Green

The second at Rolling Green


Rolling Green had some great par 3s. This is the 3rd.

Rolling Green had some great par 3s. This is the 3rd.


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