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TecTecTec Ult-G GPS Golf Watch Review: Solid Watch, Solid Price

The majority of casual golfers out there don’t necessarily need a pinpoint accurate golf rangefinder.

They just need to know some general distances, like how far is it to the front of the green? Or how far is it to the center.

And if you fall into that camp? A golf GPS watch could be the perfect middle ground, for far less than a high quality rangefinder.

I recently had a chance to check out the TecTecTec Ult-G Golf GPS Watch, and after three rounds? It does pretty much everything it promises to do.

Want more details? Sweet, let’s dive in.

TecTecTec Golf Watch: First Impressions

One of the hallmarks of the TecTecTec brand is it’s affordability – so it’s no huge surprise that the packaging and presentation is pretty barebones.

The package included a set of instructions, a charging cord, and the watch itself.

TecTecTec GPS Watch in the Box

TecTecTec GPS Watch in the Box

One of the first things you notice is that the charger for the watch is kind of a unique design.

It plugs into a standard USB, but the end that connects to the watch has an interesting 6 pin design. 2 pins on the end hold the charger onto the watch, and 4 gold pins actually charge.

Generally it works well, although occasionally it takes a second to get them all to line up properly. 

TecTecTec GPS Watch and Charger

TecTecTec GPS Watch and Charger

In my perfect world this would be a standard mini-USB connection, as I have a dozen of those all over the house, and it’s just a matter of time before I lose this one, or don’t have it on hand when the watch is dead.

But it does the job, it charges the watch quickly, and you can get multiple rounds out of it on a single charge.

The watch itself is a classic black that looks like many of the other GPS watches out there. There are no frills, but you don’t need there to be either.

The fit on the wrist feels great, and is extremely easy to get on and get sized correctly.

TecTecTec GPS Watch Performance

Using the TecTecTec watch is a super intuitive, and most people should have no trouble getting up and running without help from the instructions.

The GPS found my location within about 30 seconds and allowed me to select the course and start playing quickly. 

The watch does everything you need it to, and not much more – which for a watch like this is a good thing.

Many of the Garmins or more expensive watches have more extensive features or higher quality screens, but I think for most people looking for a GPS watch that other stuff can complicate the process.

The TecTecTec shows you the distance to the center of the green in big bold numerals, and then in slightly smaller text shows distance to the front and back. It also shows hole number and the par.

TecTecTec GPS Watch

TecTecTec GPS Watch

A press of a button gets you distances to any hazards on the hole.

I found the GPS distances to be very accurate and matched up when comparing to other sources like the Arccos GPS, Bushnell app, course markers, and a rangefinder.

The screen itself is black and white and nothing special, but again, it wasn’t intended to be.

I found the watch very accurately automatically adjusted to the next hole on each tee box – and never got lost on the course.

The closest comparison I can make for the watch is the Bushnell Ion 2. And honestly? They’re pretty damn similar.

The Bushnell might feel slightly higher quality, but it’s not as a dramatic of a difference as you might see when comparing Bushnell to TecTecTec rangefinders.

The Ion 2 has a few extra built in features such as a pedometer, and a tee time function where you can set the watch to be ready at the exact time you’re supposed to tee off. 

But both of those are more niche features that don’t impact performance much.

The major difference is the Bushnell watch gets you access to their Golf app, which is actually pretty well done. 

Personally, I use Arccos for my tracking and GPS – so this is a non-issue.

TecTecTec GPS Golf Watch Final Thoughts

The TecTecTec GPS golf watch is a solid option if you’re looking for a budget GPS golf watch that simply works.

After 3 rounds with it, I’ve been very pleased with the performance of the device, I like the fit, and it’s well-executed.

And at just under $100 on Amazon? It’s a watch that does exactly what you need it to do, and is just as accurate as watches that cost 3 to 4 times more.

The Bushnell Ion2 looks a bit better, and has a little bit more functionality, but I’m not sure it’s worth it at double the price.

If you’re looking to jump up a step in terms of featured I’d check out this Garmin Approach S42 review.

At a $70 price difference? The TecTecTec is a no-brainer. When they’re the same price? It depends on how much you value features like the Bushnell app and built-in pedometer.

As for looks? Comes down to personal preference. And performance and ease of use? Basically identical.

Either way, you can’t go wrong if you’re looking for an accurate and easy-to-use GPS watch.

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Good Things

  • Very Accurate
  • Super Easy to Use
  • Clear display
  • Comfortable fit
  • Good Price

Bad Things

  • Doesn't use standard charger
  • Limited Features

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