Two Guys With Balls Review: The New Way to Buy Golf Balls

We at Breaking Eighty have spent time reviewing golf balls before (everything from Noodle to Bridgestone and more) but for the most part we haven’t spent much time looking at how to purchase your golf balls.

But it’s fair to say I found a new favorite way to get mine!

For years I’ve been overpaying for new TPX5, or ProV1s, or Callaway Tour Softs, until recently when the guys at Two Guys with Balls reached out to Sean and I for a review.

Who are Two Guys With Balls?

Two Guys with Balls are fellow golfers with a passion for the game.  They go in the woods, dive into ponds, mow down the rough and dig through the fescue to find all the balls donated to Mother Nature.

They’ll then take these balls clean them off (by hand) and then sell them for a huge discount on their site.

What Types of Balls Do They Sell?

In short, Two Guys with Balls has just about every major golf ball brand you’d want to play with: Titleist, Bridgestone, Callaway, Nike, Vice, TaylorMade, Kirkland, Srixon, Wilson, Pinnacle, Noodle, Slazenger – you name it.

Two Guys with Balls has three different levels of cleanliness that they will sell back to you.  You can find their full definitions here, but here’s a quick summary.

The first, is Eagle.  These balls are extremely clean, like barely played and are guaranteed to not affect your game in any way.  The price for Eagle caliber balls varies by the brand, but they’re well off retail price.

The next is Birdie.  I ordered a case of ProV1 Birdies from them and I have to say I thought they were new.  The balls were in great shape no marks and better than pictured under their birdie section on their site.

A case of basically new ProV1’s was $26 compared to $52 for a generic number, non personalized case of ProV1’s on Titleist’s website!

HALF OFF! I mean, you really can’t go wrong at a price like that.

I played around with them at East Potomac, and not only did I not lose a ball (sweet!), but they played as well as I would expect.

The final level of cleanliness is Par. These are the lowest quality golf ball.

These are perfect if you’re on a budget, don’t care about brand new balls, or if you aren’t good enough to feel like your balls make that much of a difference.

To put it simply, if you’re the kind of person who has no problem playing a ball you found in the woods? This is for you.

Other Cool Things about Two Guys with Balls

Their website is pretty cool. Both of them know the ins and outs of golf balls and post videos of themselves describing the differences between specific balls, and have really great write-ups on different brands.  It’s safe to say, they know their stuff.

They have membership programs, a VIP membership, and reward program, so if you continue to use them as a supplier you can save even more money and get some pretty sweet bonuses.

One thing about balls from Two Guys is that many of the balls you receive may have logos on them – which I get isn’t for everyone. But for me,  looking at the logos reminded me of opening up a pack of baseball cards back in the day, which was actually kind of fun.

These logos were all over the place. Just in one sleeve I got a clean Titleist with no logo, one with a Whistling Straits logo, and one with the Transamerica logo. And as you can see below, another sleeve had Blackwolf Run which is pretty cool.

Beyond all of this too, Two Guys with Balls is very big on giving back as they donate a part of their profit to Arnies Army, which is great to see.

Final Thoughts on Two Guys with Balls

I am a big fan of these guys.  I would buy used ProV1s at the local Golfmart for $4 bucks a ball with random logos on it and these guys give me a better value and cleaner balls.

Golfers of all skill levels can use this to find and buy golf balls on the site.

They have a cool logo, great packaging, easy to use interface so you should have no trouble buying balls, and they ship very quickly.

Based on my experience, I highly recommend using them to purchase your next batch of balls.  You can find their website here, if you haven’t already and Heck, maybe you’ll end up finding some of your old ones you lost!


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  1. NJGolf26

    Thanks for this review. Been a big fan of your blog and just ordered two cases based on your recommendation. They are currently having a sale on Titlelist. ProV1 and ProV1x (birdie) for 13$.

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