Chase 54 Mens Golf Polo

I first came across Chase 54 when I was down in Orlando for the PGA Show a little over a year ago.

I was tagging along with my friend Ashley as she was walked through the entire 2017 woman’s line. While I certainly didn’t know much about the woman’s clothes, I always remembered the company and was intrigued by their take on golf fashion – with a special focus on mobility and fabric choice.

Their name is also one that’s memorable. While initially I was thinking of “Chase” as in a guy’s name, it in fact is a reference to chasing the perfect round of golf. A birdie on every hole, or a 54. Hence the name, “Chase 54”.

Fast forward to the PGA Show this year and I had an opportunity to spend some more time with their mens collection and get a feel for what they’re all about.

And I’ve gotta say, I generally like what I see.

I’ve played a few rounds now in their Rank mens polo, and it’s one of the softest golf shirts I’ve ever worn.

Chase 54 prides themselves in their technology. They’ve developed a blend of polyester and spandex called DRYFUZE that is designed to give peak mobility, while not sacrificing in comfort or moisture wicking capabilities.

When you first pick up the shirt, it feels substantial, almost heavy. Not in a bad way, in a a premium way.

In practice, the shirt does an excellent job of keeping you dry and comfortable, and is a step above other brands I’ve used in that department.

Chase54 Polo

Cool design elements, but the seem from that line down the middle was bothersome.

The fit is good, and is a nice balance between some of the more tailored brands like Holderness and Bourne, and some of the boxier shirts you get at the local outlet mall down the street.

Chase54 Polo


So if you’re someone who isn’t rocking a perfect six pack, but you’re not into full on dad-bod territory, then this shirt will fit you really well.

However, there are a couple minor things I don’t love about the shirt.

Down the back of the shirt there is a color blocked design element that I actually think looks really good and is pretty unique. However, I was able to feel the seams of it on my back while I was wearing it. You’d forget about it pretty quickly, but every once in awhile it would start rubbing in a weird way which would cause me to notice it again.

They also use white stitching on the black sleeves, which made the stitching stand out in a way that I didn’t think looked the best. Whether it was intentional or not, to me it felt like a design element that was overlooked.

Chase54 Mens Polo

The white stitching that looked a little out of place for me.

But those are relatively minor quibbles on an otherwise excellent golf polo.

If you want something that is top of class for moisture wicking, has a variety of unique styles to choose from, and won’t totally break the bank at a retail price of $73 – then I highly recommend you check out the latest offerings from Chase54.

I’m also clearly not the only one who liked the shirt, as after mentioning Chase54 in an Instagram story I had multiple followers message me letting me know that they had the same shirt, and love it.

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