Galvin Green Interface 1

Galvin Green Interface-1 Lance Jacket Review

I have yet to find the perfect golf jacket.

And frankly, I’m not necessarily sure that one exists.

I love my Nike Aeroloft jacket for crisp, dry days. My Galvin Green Ace is fantastic for a downpour and those truly miserably wet rounds.

But the Nike sacrifices being water repellent for providing free range of movement. My beefiest Galvin Green jacket sacrifices some mobility to ensure you stay dry.

As much as I’d like to imagine a world where I can pack just one jacket on a golf trip, I’m not 100% sure that exists.

But Galvin Green’s new Interface-1 hybrid jacket? Well, it may be the closest the golf world has seen to the perfect all in one jacket.

What is the Galvin Green Interface-1

If you’ve spent any time in Europe, or even some of the higher end courses in the States, you’ve undoubtedly come across Galvin Green.

While they’ve made a name for providing bulletproof outwear that you can use in any conditions, over the past few years they’ve done an increasingly good job of building out their lineup of other offerings from polos, to windbreakers, to their new Interface-1 Hybrid jacket.

So what is a hybrid jacket you might be wondering?

Galvin Green Interface-1

Well in this case it’s a jacket that’s windproof, water resistant, and breathable – all while still being durable, and lightweight.

Get caught down in Bandon Dunes in 3omph gusts, this is the jacket for you.

Non-stop drizzle during a fall round of golf? Wear this to stay dry and still be able to move freely.

Just need a little bit of extra warmth during an early round, you guessed it, the Interface-1 will work perfectly.

More so than any jacket I’ve seen the Galving Green Interface-1 is great for 95% of situations.

My Experience with the Galvin Green Interface-1

I’ve now worn my jacket for a handful of rounds in a variety of situations, and it’s held up really well.

First off, I love the way it looks. Some of Galvin’s styles can feel a little too European, or have bolder color-blocking than I traditionally like. But they nailed the styling of this jacket. It’s black with a bold orange zipper, that I love. I like just a little bit of pop, amidst a piece that’s mostly understated – which is what this is. It also makes me feel like I’m supporting my alma mater, so there’s that. Go Beavs!

The jacket also has a very subtle polka dot print around the shoulders that you wouldn’t even notice if you weren’t looking for it.

The subtle polka dot design element on the Interface-1 from Galvin Green

The subtle polka dot design element on the Interface-1 from Galvin Green

It makes for a great outer layer that does a pretty good job of keeping me warm when it’s chillier out, and also worked surprisingly well, even in warmer temperatures due to how breathable it is. I had it on early during a summer round, and didn’t take it off until the 8th hole, when it finally started creeping up over 75 degrees – it’s just that comfortable.

And while I haven’t played with it, in a full on deluge, given the soft shell nature of this jacket, I can’t imagine if you’re playing in a downpour that it will fair very well.

Light to medium rain, it seems to handle great. But if it gets hard, or is sustained over the course of a full 4 hours – you’ll want something a little bit beefier. But again, for 95% of rounds, this is the only second layer you’ll need in the bag.

Close up of material and zipper on the Interface-1

Close up of material and zipper on the Interface-1

A Quick Note About Galvin Green Sizing

Being a European company, some of their fits and sizes can be a little bit different than what you’re used to if you’re from the US.

Generally they’re medium polos and jackets fit me really well, but this one I found to be a touch on the short side. Part of it, is I’m 6′ 2″ and have a long torso, but I found myself at times just wishing this was a half an inch longer. So if you have a similar body type to me, you might want to consider a large.

Final Impressions of the Interface-1

Overall, this is an incredibly impressive jacket. It can handle most of what you throw at it, it looks fantastic, and for other golfers in the know, you’ll get some street cred for rocking the Galvin Green brand.

All of this flexibility doesn’t come without a cost though. Being a premium brand, this jacket has a premium retail price tag of $365. Which can (and does) feel like a lot to spend on a jacket that isn’t fully waterproof. (Although lately I’ve seen some online in the $250 range).

That said, if you’re the kind of person who prefers quality over quantity, and you’d rather invest in a handful of nice pieces that will last you for years to come, then you’ll be 100% happy with the Galvin Green Interface-1 hybrid jacket.

Grab It!

Good Things

  • Nice Styling
  • Perfect for 95% of Conditions
  • Still flexible and easy to golf in

Bad Things

  • Expensive
  • Medium is a shorter than I would have expected

The Breakdown

Presentation (Looks)
Personal Affinity

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