Galvin Green Bow Windstopper

Galvin Green Windbreaker Review

For years whenever I thought about Galvin Green all I could think about were epic waterproof, Goretex jackets.

I think about brutal conditions, insane wind, and torrential downpours. And Galvin Green makes the best products in the world for battling those elements on the golf course.

However over the last few years as I’ve become more familiar with Galvin Green and their brand, I’ve realized how much more than that they are.

I have a Ventil8 quarter zip that is surprisingly warm, yet totally breathable, which makes it useful in temperatures bordering on freezing all the way up to the mid 60s or 70s. Their polos with the same technology have come a long way as well.

Most recently I’ve been exposed to some of their lighter weight offerings – specifically the Bow Windstopper.

The beauty of this Galvin Green windbreaker is it’s literally as lightweight as humanly possible, and completely wind proof – so it makes it the most versatile piece of outerwear that I own.

It lives in a tiny pocket in my golf bag, so when the wind picks up I’m always prepared.

Here in Oregon, we’re not usually playing epic Scotland level rain (unless you’re at Bandon), but it sometimes feels like we’re almost always playing in a light drizzle. The Bow Windstopper is perfect for this. As it’s just water resistant enough, to make light rain a non issue.

I also appreciate it’s versatility off the course as well.

For instance, I was out in Central Oregon a couple weeks ago – where the difference in weather can be dramatically different during the day versus the evening.

Galvin Green Bow WIndbreaker

I got mine in bright blue.

I wore it in the morning during the first hour of golf which was a little misty. Then that evening we went to an outdoor concert where the wind picked up a bit. Brought it out once again.

While on it’s own it isn’t the warmest jacket, it fits in perfectly with the Galvin Green “layering” story that they’ve done such a good job of designing and marketing around.

Some of their jackets scream “golf!” so they don’t work quite as well to wear casually or off the course. The Bow Windstopper, especially in black or grey blends in casually, making for an excellent solution when hiking, biking, concerting, or any other outdoor activity where a little wind or precipitation might get in the way.

I truly have yet to see another brand create so much cohesiveness across every piece in their line. It all has a place, and it all works beautifully together.

Don’t get me wrong, you’re going to pay for this quality, but at the same time it’s one of the few (only?) outerwear brands that I will immediately, without hesitation, recommend to anyone looking for gear that will help withstand the elements.

If you’re looking for a lightweight, take anywhere windbreaker, I can almost guarantee you won’t find one of higher quality than the Bow from Galvin Green.

Grab it!

Good Things

  • Extremely high quality materials
  • Unbelievably lightweight
  • Works on or off the course

Bad Things

  • Expensive

The Breakdown

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