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Is the Golfzon Wave the Personal Launch Monitor of Our Dreams?

Over the last few years, we’ve seen a bunch of excellent, affordable golf simulators and launch monitors being released for consumers.

Whereas accurate data used to cost tens of thousands of dollars, now with devices like the FlightScope Mevo Plus, Bushnell Launch Pro, and even the sub-$1k Rapsodo MLM2Pro – you can get a world-class practice and simulator experience from the comfort of your own home.

All of those brands have had a lot of hype around the release of their devices.

But for those paying attention, none are quite as exciting as today’s announcement: the release of the Golfzon Wave.

This one has been a long time coming. The Wave was announced a couple of years ago, and it’s left a lot of us wondering “Where is it?” and more importantly “Will it live up to expectations?”

If you’re new to the space, you may be wondering why this is such a big deal, and potentially even asking yourself “Who is Goflzon?”

The answer to that question is precisely why the Golfzon Wave is so anticipated, and exciting.

Golfzon is the world’s premier simulator company. When you go to an indoor simulator studio, there’s a good chance it will feature a Golfzon setup. Using their flagship Two-Vision Simulator is pretty insane. It has features like an auto-tee, moving swing plate, and high-speed cameras.

Golfzon Wave and Putting Mat

The Golfzon Wave and included putting mat in all it’s glory.

A full Two Vision system can also cost North of $75k – out of reach for well, the vast majority of people reading this article.

But this is why the Golfzon Wave is so exciting.

The Wave is the first consumer-level simulator and launch monitor to be released from Golfzon. And, well, they’re doing things a bit differently than many of the other brands I mentioned above.

What is Unique About the Golfzon Wave?

There are a number of things that make the Golfzon Wave very intriguing.

The first is the fact that it’s the first Golfzon simulator to also be a personal launch monitor.

This means that you can take it with you to the range or simply hit into a net in your garage if you aren’t looking for the whole golf simulator experience.

Golfzon Wave

A rendering of an outdoor setup for the Golfzon Wave.

It measures a whopping 34 data points to ensure you’re basically getting all of the data you could ever need. I’m unclear at this point if it directly measures all of these, or if it calculates some of them via an algorithm. I’ll update this in my final review of the product once I get clarity on it.

It also aims to solve one of the biggest problems plaguing golf simulators (especially at the consumer level): putting.

The Wave actually includes an infrared putting mat, that measures 8 parameters specifically for putting. This should help you get truly useful putting information while you practice, and accurate putting data when using it as a simulator.

Golfzon Wave

A look at the simulator software for the Golfzon Wave.

This is one of the big things that sets it directly apart from the Launch Pro and FlightScope Mevo Plus.

Golfzon Wave Review: Coming Soon!

I personally have a lot of questions about the Golfzon Wave:

  • Will the Simulator experience be that much better than other similarly priced products?
  • Will the putting mat actually make putting on a simulator at home enjoyable?
  • How accurate will it be?
  • How easy is it to set up?
  • Is the software user-friendly and enjoyable to use?
  • How does it perform as a standalone launch monitor?
  • How well does the simulator perform with an entry-level gaming PC? 
  • Does the launch monitor work well with an iPad?

And so many more.

The good news is, I’ll be picking up my Golfzon Wave this week, and will immediately set to work putting it through its paces.

I’ll then provide an in-depth review as I’ve done with all of my other launch monitor reviews, to help you figure out if it’s worth spending $3,995 on this new device.

In the meantime, below is the official press release from Golfzon outlining the details of the new device. I can’t wait to see if it lives up to my (very) high expectations.

Golfzon’s Portable Wave Simulator and Launch Monitor Now Available

Leading Simulator Brand Brings Revolutionary Technology to Golfers Everywhere

(CHANTILLY, Va.) Golfzon – the #1 golf simulator brand in the world – announces Wave, the ultimate dual-purpose golf simulator experience and launch monitor, is now available for purchase through

Born from Golfzon’s industry-leading virtual golf innovation, Wave provides the best simulator experience in a launch monitor. Retailing for $3,995, golfers have access to three 18-hole courses, a practice range, and a mobile skill app, out of the box. Tiered subscriptions are available to add 140+ courses, including world-famous venues like the Old Course at St. Andrews, Bethpage Black, Harbour Town Golf Links and many more. Unlike competitors, who rely on third-party software to provide simulations, Golfzon’s Wave runs off the company’s Vision Wave software (available now for PC, coming to Android, iOS later this year), which provides users with fast, accurate and incredibly life-like experiences.

In a class by itself, Wave is the only portable simulator/launch monitor that offers a putting mat featuring Precision Infrared Technology to give users a true putting experience, even on the most delicate putts. Up to six players can use Wave at once, or network multiple Waves wirelessly to play with family and friends anywhere, anytime.

Golfzon entered this category because we saw a great opportunity to take the simulator technology that we’ve perfected over the past twenty years and infuse it into an attainable package for all golfers,” says Tommy Lim, Golfzon America CEO. “Wave is designed to be the ultimate companion, whether golfers are looking to practice and grind on the driving range or enjoy hours of entertainment at home with friends and family.”

When it comes to launch monitor capabilities, the portable Wave can be used indoors or outdoors and tracks 34 ball and club data parameters, all displayed and stored on the user’s mobile device with the Wave Skills app (iOS and Android). Additionally, the unit allows users to capture swing videos for analysis or sharing with a coach.

Based in Seoul, South Korea, Golfzon has over 20 years’ experience developing the world’s most advanced golf simulators. Technology is at the heart of the company, as hundreds of patents have been issued for its award-winning simulators with many new ones filed annually by the research and development team. This industry-leading technology delivers the most realistic indoor golf experience on the market and has established the brand’s global leadership position.

From the beginning, the company’s mission has been to make golf more fun and accessible to everyone. To date, Golfzon has a presence in 63 countries with 12,300 commercial sites around the world. In 2022 alone, 87 million rounds of golf were played on its simulators.

About Golfzon

Golfzon is a bestselling, global golf simulator company. Named best golf simulator by Golf Digest in the publication’s annual Editor’s Choice Awards for five consecutive years from 2017 to 2021, and in 2022 the only golf simulator to be awarded Golf Inc. Magazine’s Most Innovative and Exciting New Tech offering. Beyond its massive global presence, Golfzon also hosts two professional virtual golf tournaments (GTOUR and WGTOUR) with a total prize purse of more than $3.5 million.


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