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The Mizzen + Main Henley: My New Favorite Travel Shirt

At this year’s PGA show I was kind of surprised, it wasn’t the new tech or gadgets that totally blew me away this year.

Rather, it was a couple boutique, American made, lines of mens clothing: Holderness & Bourne and Mizzen + Main.

I wrote about Holderness & Bourne’s beautiful Byers duffel bag a couple months ago, but their new shirts may even top that.

However, that’s not the point of this article.

As I was walking the floor I stumbled across a company I’d never heard of before called Mizzen + Main. 

As I was perusing their collection of garments there was one piece in particular that not only caught my eye, it totally floored me.

Introducing the Mizzen + Main Henley.

Ok, so it looks pretty basic right? I mean how can a basic looking henley shirt “floor” me.

Mostly because it’s unlike any similar shirt I’ve seen.

Mizzen + Main isn’t a golf brand so to speak. In fact they don’t even make any shirts that I could properly wear on the golf course.

So why write about them?

Because I know for myself and the guys I golf with, it fits into the lifestyle perfectly.

Everything is American made, and you can learn more about the company here.

The first day I wore my Isleta Henley I was meeting a buddy at the climbing gym. First thing he says is “dude, where’d you get that shirt? I love it.”

The next day, I was golfing with another friend who is easily the best dressed of anyone I know. After we got off the course and I’d showered and changed I was wearing the henley.

“I love the cut on that, where’d you get it?”

This is coming from the guy who I’m pretty sure has never asked me about my clothes, ever.

The Mizzen + Main Henley is like a combo of fitness and fashion.

The performance fabric is made up of 48% polyester, 48% cotton, and 4% lycra.

What does that mean for me?

I’ve gone on a couple runs in mine and taken it to the gym. It dries extremely quickly, doesn’t seem to smell much afterwards like my old dri-fit shirts do, and has a form fitting cut that doesn’t feel like I’m exercising in some cheap off the rack garment.

The fit is actually a little bit tighter than I was expecting – but in a good way. If you’re an athletic guy in good shape – you seriously will not find a better, more flexible shirt.

If you’ve got a few extra pounds on you, or are rocking a bit of a belly from too many beers – you might want to go a size bigger than you normally would.

I got two of the henleys, the Isleta (grey) and the Apache (light blueish) and they’ve quickly become my go-to shirts when I’m running in slightly cold Portland weather, or changing into street clothes post-round – and still want to look good. 

The Apache Colorway

The Apache Colorway

I was also really impressed with the price point of $58.  My goal is to still buy fewer, nicer items – and this nailed both the price and quality aspects that can be tough to find.

On a somewhat related note – I travel a lot for my business. I’m gone 3-4 months out of the year and spend time in just about every climate imaginable. This is the perfect shirt for being on the road since it is comfortable, looks good, dries quickly, and the sewn-in loops inside the sleeves make it super easy to roll up for a more casual look.

Bottom line, if you want to show up to the golf course in style, have something that looks just as good at the gym as it does at the bar – look no further, the Mizzen + Main Henley is exactly what you want.

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