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Ecco Biom Tour Review: Ecco’s Best Golf Shoes Under $200?

I’ve been a fan of Ecco golf shoes for years now. I’ve got more rounds in the last 5 years in Eccos than any other brand, and it’s not even close.

But they aren’t cheap. In fact, there are very few models with a retail price under $200, which makes them a little out of reach for a lot of people.

There’s also the fact that their bread and butter are spikeless shoes.

So if you wanted spiked Eccos, you’d have to go for the Biom G5, which at a retail price of $270 is a tough pill to swallow.

That’s why I was so excited to learn about the new Ecco Biom Tour shoes.

These new shoes address both of those big concerns about the brand.

It’s a more “affordable” shoe at $190 retail (yes, still on the high end), and it’s also a spiked tour level shoe for those wanting more stability.

But the question is, can a brand synonymous with spikeless shoes make spikes that compete with the best from other brands?

Let’s find out.

First Impressions of the Ecco Biom Tour Shoes

I’m not going to lie, my first impression of looking at these shoes is that they’re not my favorite aesthetically. They’re certainly not a bad looking shoe, but I think they look better in the white colorway, vs the black on that I have. 

I personally prefer the cleaner look of the Biom G5, but again, you’re paying a steep premium on those over the Biom Tours.

That said, these are definitely a little more subtle in their design language than other models, so my guess is that many people will find these to be the best looking Ecco shoes out there.

When it comes to build quality, there is no debate: it’s fantastic.

As is the case with all Ecco shoes, these are built very well with very high quality materials.

The outer feels very similar to the Biom H4, and I have zero questions about it’s ability to perform in inclement weather.

Something I’m seeing a lot with footwear brands is using lots of fancy tech talk to make shoes sound fancy and expensive.

I don’t mean this necessarily as a negative, as it’s cool to see brands like Ecco and Payntr pushing shoe performance forward. But in the case of both of these brands, the shoes speak for themselves. And bullet points like “Phorene Midsole, FluidForm Direct Comfort Technology, and FTS 3.0 Receptacles” don’t totally feel necessary. But they certainly sound expensive!

One thing I’ve noticed is how well Ecco integrates the spikes with additional traction and grooves on the sole to maximize traction. It’s a nice blend of form meeting function.

Ecco Biom Tour Spikes

The spikes and traction on the Ecco Biom Tour shoes.

Speaking of function, how do the Ecco Biom Tour perform on the course?

Best Value Ecco Shoes
Ecco Biom Tour Golf Shoes

The only Ecco shoes that are both spiked and under $200 is a fantastic combination. The best part? They still feature all of the hallmarks Ecco is known for.

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Ecco Biom Tour Performance

Putting the shoes on, they are immediately comfortable and fit just as well as every other pair of Ecco shoes I’ve owned.

One thing I like about Ecco is that in most of their shoes they say you’re able to remove the insole for a wider fit. So if they’re just a little too slim European for you, removing the insole can make them feel like a different shoe.

The laces tighten very comfortably and never came untied or needed to be adjusted during a round of 18.

These shoes have a little bit of a lower drop than many other Ecco shoes, and you do notice it a bit.

These Biom Tours don’t have that “walking on clouds” feeling that you get from the Biom C4 for instance. 

You feel a bit more connected to the ground and the spikes, but this is by no means in an uncomfortable way.

For me personally, these shoes were actually far more comfortable than the Biom G5 out of the box. The G5 took a couple rounds to break in for me.

The best compliment I can give these shoes is that during my 18 holes with them, I hardly noticed or thought about them.

They’re comfortable, I never slipped or lost traction, and they did exactly what I’d hope they would right out of the gate.

And the fact they do this for quite a bit less than other Ecco models is going to make them a strong contender for a lot of people who don’t want to spend $200+ on spikeless shoes.

Final Thoughts on the Ecco Biom Tour Shoes

Overall, I think this represents a wonderful addition the Ecco golf lineup. 

Having another spiked option I think is a good play for Ecco. This is especially true considering the Biom Tours come in a little bit cheaper than other models, and opens Ecco up to a new consumer – which is exciting.

While yes, the looks aren’t necessarily my favorite, I do think these are going to get considerable wear time from me as my “off season” shoe. The combination of comfort, dark color, and excellent traction, means these will be fantastic shoes to wear in our less than ideal Pacific Northwest winter.

But whether you’re looking for something that can handle inclement weather or one “do it all” golf shoe, the Ecco Biom Tour is absolutely a shoe to consider.

Best Value Ecco Shoes
Ecco Biom Tour Golf Shoes

The only Ecco shoes that are both spiked and under $200 is a fantastic combination. The best part? They still feature all of the hallmarks Ecco is known for.

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Other Comparable Shoes to Consder

Want to know what other models you should consider along with these? Here’s some of our favorites:

  • Ecco Biom G5 – This is the most obvious comparison, as it’s the only other spiked shoe Ecco makes.
  • Payntr X 004 RS – A fantastic performing spiked shoe from a hot up and coming brand.
  • Ecco Biom C4 – Want an Ecco shoe, but don’t necessarily care about it being spiked? Check out the C4. There’s a reason it’s gotten the nod for “best overall golf shoe” for the last two years.

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Buy em!

Good Things

  • Very comfortable with no break in period
  • Excellent traction and stability
  • Less expensive than many other Ecco models

Bad Things

  • They aren't my favorite looking Ecco shoe
  • Lower drop means a little bit less cushioning than other Ecco shoes

The Breakdown

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