Linksoul rain jacket

Linksoul Rain Jacket Review

Over the last few years my wardrobe of golf clothes has exploded. A few dozen polos, a dozen pairs of shorts, multiple jackets, a dozen pairs of shoes – the list goes on.

And while golf is a huge part of my life, the reality is, that even on a good week I’m usually only on the course 3-4 times.

The result? Most of my wardrobe is filled with items I can only wear a fraction of the time.

It’s because of this that I appreciate what companies like Linksoul are doing.

For those who aren’t familiar, Linksoul is a more modern golf apparel brand that was started by John Ashworth. The idea behind it is to create comfortable clothes that can be worn both on and off the course.

These days that’s not a unique concept. There are quite a few brands who are trying to bridge that gap, but only a handful that are doing it on a large scale, and truly doing it well.

And Linksoul is one of the pioneers of this.

Linksoul Rain Gear Jacket

As someone who travels and golfs a lot (and being the owner of a golf blog), we’ve established that I have a lot of golf apparel.

That said, I’m still always looking to fill holes in what I own.

For instance, I have an incredible Galvin Green Goretex jacket that I wear in harsh conditions, but it’s very “golf-y” and not something I’d wear around town.

I also have a an incredibly lightweight Redvanly Windbreaker that I might wear off the course, but it’s not great for anything beyond a light mist.

So what I’ve been looking for, for while is a rain jacket that I can truly wear both on and off the course, which I finally found with Linksoul’s Rain Gear Jacket.

At first glance, it looks like something you might find at a board shop or Nordstroms, not in a golf pro shop.

To me, this is great. I personally think this jacket looks phenomenal, and is something I would actually wear out on the town.

So while it looks like a street jacket, it’s cut like a golf jacket. As would be expected for a golf jacket, there’s no hood. And there’s enough stretch in the fabric to allow you to easily move, while still being fully waterproof.

It comes in three different colors: black, navy, and what they say is dark grey. Personally I like the “grey” the best (and is what I have), but to me it looks as though there are some hints of green in there as well.

Fit and Performance of the Linksoul Rain Jacket

Generally speaking the jacket fits pretty well. I’m usually a true medium in jackets, but I am finding that both the overall length and the sleeve length is just slightly shorter than I would have liked.

The sleeves aren’t an issue when wearing casually, but I do find them riding up past my wrists when swinging a golf club. Much of this is just my body type (long arms and long torso), as opposed to a overall flaw with the jacket, however.

I like that there’s an adjustable waist strap, to allow you to tighten based on your preferences.

The zippers while not taped to ensure true waterproofness, are high quality, and I can’t imagine water being an issue except under the worst of conditions. I’m not sure I love the  pull that they chose for the primary zippe, but it’s a high quality metal, and is more of a personal preference thing.

Pocket Zipper

Pocket Zipper

I haven’t played in anything more than a light, intermittent rain, so I can’t speak to how it would perform in Scottish coast type weather, but from what I can tell the waterproofing works well, and because of the fully lined mesh interior, it breaths very well.

Mesh Interior

Mesh Interior

While in harsh weather, I’d grab the Galvin Green every time, the fact that I can wear this on the course, and then straight out to dinner after, or have to only pack one jacket on a golf trip – makes this the clear winner in terms of versatility.

Final Thoughts

While it’s not the cheapest jacket around at $175, it’s also not astronomical for having a waterproof golf jacket, that looks good, and is fashionable enough to wear off the course.

If you want a full rain suit (with pants) specifically for the golf course, and are on a budget, then I’d check out one of the Nike Rain Suit combo packs.

If you want to be bulletproof in terms of weather, go Galvin Green.

If you want something ultra lightweight and a little more fashion forward? Go Redvanly.

But if you want the best combination of all of these things? I think the Linksoul Rain Jacket is one of the best options on the market.

Grab the Linksoul Rain Gear Jacket on their website.

Grab It!

Good Things

  • Looks great
  • Can be worn on or off the course
  • Breathable fabric

Bad Things

  • Price will be high for some
  • Doesn't feel quite as sturdy as hardcore rain jackets
  • Fit was a little short for me

The Breakdown

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  1. Nate Carr

    Just picked one up myself. Love me some LinkSoul. Haven’t had to opportunity to put it to the test yet but I live in Alaska so it’s just a matter of time.

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