Womens Ecco G5 Golf Shoes

Women’s Ecco Biom G5 Golf Shoes Review: Just as Good as Expected

So you may have noticed here at Breaking Eighty, we don’t cover a lot of products specifically for women.


Because since I’m generally the only one reviewing products on the site, it would be pretty difficult for me to accurately review how products made specifically for women perform.

But luckily for today’s review, I solved that problem.

I enlisted my friend Sophie, who is a wonderful golfer and photographer in her own right, to help me out!

Over the last couple months, she’s put the Ecco Biom G5 through the paces and been kind enough to share her thoughts with us.

I did my own review of the Ecco G5 shoes, as well.

But if you’re a woman who is considering picking up a pair of Eccos this season, then read on!

Take it away, Sophie!

First Impressions of the Ecco Golf Biom G5 

First off, I must say these G5 shoes are gorgeous!! The fine detail in the designs on the shoes are so fashionable, I was so surprised and excited to wear these shoes out on the course. The original design on these incorporates a South Korean hibiscus and New Zealand’s silver fern, which blends so beautifully and naturally with the shoe’s athletic performance and design.

I would say they are a great addition to the premium-performance golf shoe category. After golfing several rounds in these, I can tell Ecco is focused on performance. They have the perfect amount of stability, support, and traction with a nice snug fit.

Ecco always does a nice job with their spikeless shoes, but I was really pleased to see that all of the things that make those great, carried over in this spiked model.

Womens Ecco G5 - Golf Shoes

Ecco Golf Biom G5 Performance 

So, this is my first pair of Ecco shoes that have spikes, and I’m very impressed! Considering I live in the Pacific Northwest, they’ve been perfect for winter golf.

I know Ecco is known for their spikeless shoes, so I was excited and curious to try these out. When I first started to swing in these on the course, I was able to establish trust right away with them and knew I could swing aggressively without slipping. 

Also, I appreciated the BOA® golf shoe fit system with unique dial and lace. You don’t have to worry about loose shoelaces or tying them on the course. It was so easy and convenient mid-round when I need to tighten my laces by turning the dial rather than spending time to tie them.

Womens Ecco G5 - Golf Shoes

Notice the BOA lace system on the G5s.

The Ecco Golf G5 shoes have GORE-TEX technology with amazing waterproof protection.  I felt completely warm and dry during my cold winter rounds, and I’m excited to test them out in the rain! 

It’s features like this that really make the high price worth it, when you’re investing in a pair of golf shoes.

Are the Ecco Golf Biom G5 comfortable?

These are very comfortable to walk the course. I do own another pair of spikeless Ecco shoes that were a little more comfortable immediately out of the box but given the stability and weather protection, I felt it was a balanced trade of practicality, comfort, and importantly fashion. 

Womens Ecco G5 golf shoes

Spike pattern on the G5 shoes.

Note from Sean: I found the exact same thing while I was reviewing the G5s. If you’re used to Ecco hybrid shoes which seem to always fit perfectly right out of the gate, I’ve found the G5s to be a bit more stiff and take a couple extra rounds to break in. But once they do, they’re nearly as comfortable as the Biom C4.

Women’s Ecco Biom G5 Golf Shoes: Final Thoughts

Everything about the Biom G5 shoes lived up to my expectations. 

The more rounds I play in them, the more comfortable they’re becoming, and these will be my go to shoes this Winter while golfing in the mediocre Oregon weather!

Ecco Women's G5

Winter rounds in the G5s.

Yes, they’re expensive. But this is definitely a case of “you get what you pay for” and these are among the most well built, and best performing golf shoes on the market.

Recommended for: Those in need of a high-quality premium performance and fashionable golf shoe. These shoes perform well while walking the course and provide a high level of support and stability.

You can find Sophie McFaul and more of her excellent golf coverage and photography on her Instagram account @sophiemcgolf.

Women's Ecco G5 Golf Shoes

These are about as good as it gets when it comes to women's golf shoes. They're comfortable, stable, and very waterproof. This version is the limited edition with BOA laces, but you can get standard version for about $30 less.

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