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Adidas Tour 360 Review: The Ultimate Tour Level Golf Shoe

I’ve been reviewing golf shoes for a long time here at Breaking Eighty. But as much as I hate to say it, it’s been years since I’ve tried a pair of Adidas Golf shoes. 

We’re talking like, nearly a decade.

Yet, I’ve received comments like this numerous times in regards to my list of “best golf shoes”:

“No list of best golf shoes is complete without Adidas. They’re fantastic.”

Hearing that for long enough, I had no other choice but to pay attention.

Recently I was able to get a few pairs of Adidas shoes to check out, and unsurprisingly, I haven’t been disappointed.

Today we’re talking about one of Adidas’ flagship shoes, the Tour 360.

Were my readers right? Is it the best Tour-level golf shoe out there? 

Let’s find out.

First Impressions of the Adidas Tour 360

Taking the Tour 360s out of the box, my first thought was honestly “Now this is a golf shoe.” I prefer the looks of the Tour 360 over the similarly priced Adidas ZG23 shoes.

I tend to review a lot of spikeless shoes and shoes from brands smaller than Adidas.

It’s also not very often I review a traditional tour shoe as well.

Immediately, you notice these golf shoes have a presence.

They feel so well constructed and in all white, they look good. 

The leather feels high quality and the way the boost material is integrated throughout is very well done. 

The build quality on the 360s is as good as anything I’ve seen in a golf shoe before, which is about as good of a compliment as I can give them.

They are definitely a more robust, heavier shoe – which is what you’d expect from a Tour quality product.

But my big question was, how would this translate on the course? Would they be comfortable? Are they as stable as they appear to be?

I’d quickly find out.

Best Tour Shoe
Adidas Tour 360 Shoes

Time and time again I've had readers tell me the Tour 360 is their favorite shoe. After wearing them? I can see why. Insane build quality and stability.

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Adidas Tour 360 On-Course Performance 

Putting the Tour 360 shoes on, they were immediately comfortable. The ultra boost provided a ton of cushioning, and the stiff leather upper gave me an overwhelming sense of support, that you simply don’t get in spikeless shoes from the likes of  True Linkswear, G/FORE, or Ecco.

The heel is very stiff, and I did have concerns that it might take a round or two to break this shoe in and really make them comfortable.

Adidas Tour 360 Back

The back heel of the 360s

I found that this was indeed the case.

The first 9 holes of my first round were great, but by the end of the round the back of my heel was a little sore, and it was clear there’s a little break-in period for this shoe.

By my second round in them, however, they fit like a glove and I’ve had no issues since. They’re quite comfortable for such a supportive shoe and easy to walk 18 holes in.

More importantly, it’s the performance that makes these shoes stand out.

Last year I reviewed the Sqairz Speed shoes, and commented on how they were the most stable shoes I’ve worn.

These are better.

Not only do they look a thousand times better, but I found them to be even more stable and planted than those shoes which have built their entire brand around the idea of being stable.

The Adidas Tour 360 aren’t quite as comfortable as the Payntr Golf X 004, but they do provide more stability and have a more planted feel.

The Adidas branded spikes have held up great and provided all the traction I’d expect. I haven’t worn these in the rain, but I have played an early morning dew covered round in them. During that round, I didn’t get a hint of water penetration into the shoe or even a minor slip while swinging.

Adidas Tour 360 Spikes

The bottom of the Tour 360 shoes.

Overall performance has lived up to all of my expectations for the shoe.

Final Thoughts on the Adidas Tour 360 Shoes

There’s a reason the Adidas Tour 360 are some of the most popular and iconic shoes in golf right now. If you’re looking for shoes that have impeccable build quality, stylish looks, and will keep you firm and planted no matter how hard you swing, then the Adidas Tour 360 shoes should be on your shortlist.

These retail for between $180 and $210, which feels like a good price for what you get compared to competitors.

But as of this writing, they’re currently on sale for $140 at Golf Galaxy which is one of the best golf shoe deals I’ve seen this year. I’m not sure how long it will last, but I’m not sure you’ll find a better Tour level golf shoe at that price.

The only downside is that when compared to many spikeless shoes, these will take a few rounds to fully break in and reach their long-term comfort level. But I’ve found similar with most shoes like this, such as the Sqairz and the Ecco Biom G5.

But if you can have a little patience, and get past that early period, then you’ll be treated to a pair of golf shoes that will last you for dozens of rounds to come.

Best Tour Shoe
Adidas Tour 360 Shoes

Time and time again I've had readers tell me the Tour 360 is their favorite shoe. After wearing them? I can see why. Insane build quality and stability.

Buy from Golf Galaxy
We earn a commission if you click this link and make a purchase at no additional cost to you.
Buy em!

Good Things

  • Excellent build quality
  • Look great
  • Extremely stable

Bad Things

  • May take a few rounds to break in

The Breakdown

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  1. Jeremy Dubay

    Whoa. I just tested some Sqairz Bold, and they were incredibly stable, and pretty good on my wide feet. These Adidas look really stylish. I

  2. Byron Bruce

    Great review. Perhaps I have overly sensitive and/or shaped feet, but for some reason the Tour 360’s tore up the back of my heels and gave me horrible blisters. I tried hanging onto them for several rounds, but to no avail. Blisters every time. Something about the way the heel is built in the non-boa version that causes a lot of rubbing for me. What’s interesting is the heel profile is different between the lace-up and the boa version.
    It’s too bad, because I love the way these shoes look and I love the cushioning.
    I guess finding something as comfortable as the Ecco C4 out of the box is a big ask!
    Byron (PRGC)

    • Sean Ogle

      Ah bummed to hear that! I started getting a little bit of that during my first round in the shoes, as I mentioned here. But was much better after 2nd round, and disappeared by my 3rd round in them.

      But yeah, the Ecco C4 is pretty phenomenal.

      If you’re looking for a spiked shoe thats super comfortable out of the box, I’d check out the Payntr X 004.

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