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Adidas ZG23 Review: A Wonderful Lightweight Golf Shoe

Earlier this year Adidas released the ZG23 golf shoe as a follow-up to their successful ZG21 models.

Up until recently, it had been about a decade since I’d worn any Adidas shoes.

But then I reviewed the excellent Tour 360 shoes, and it became clear why so many of my readers have said “you can’t have a list of best golf shoes without having Adidas on there.”

The Tour 360 shoes are big, heavy, stable, and exactly what a Tour player needs to be able to swing out of their shoes comfortably.

But what about those of us who want the complete opposite?

Lightweight and breathable, while not sacrificing on stability and traction?

For you, we have an entirely different shoe: The Adidas ZG23.

And today I’m going to tell you everything you need to know.

The Adidas ZG23 Vent.

The Adidas ZG23 Vent.

First Impressions of the Adidas ZG23 Golf Shoes

One thing to note is that the model I reviewed is the ZG23 vent.

This means there’s a breathable mesh instead of a waterproof upper, which makes these shoes even lighter than the regular ZG23 (which are also insanely light).

My first thought when looking at these shoes was that they looked more like a standard pair of Adidas trainers than golf shoes. Depending on your style preferences this can be a good thing or a bad thing.

I will say the Tour 360 shoes certainly have a little bit more presence and wow factor when you first pick them up.

But the more time you spend with the ZG23, the more you start to realize that the subtleties of the shoe are actually a good thing.

Whereas the Tour 360 screams build quality, the ZG23 shoes are incredibly light in comparison (especially the Vent model). And once you get them on your feet, you really feel the difference in that weight.

In fact, these may be the lightest traditional golf shoes I’ve ever tested. Sure there are models like the TRUE All Day series that weigh less, but those definitely sacrifice traction and stability.

The ZG23 Vent is a spiked, Summer shoe that feels more like a pair of lightweight running shoes than golf shoes.

I’ve been hands-on with a pair of regular, waterproof, ZG23 shoes as well. It’s worth noting that if you want a lightweight “do it all” shoe, those are one of my best recommendations.

The ZG23 Vent are a little more specific since they aren’t fully waterproof like the standard model.

Overall, I personally prefer the look of the Tour 360. But when it comes to everything else and which ones I personally wear more often? The nod for that goes to the ZG23.

Adidas ZG23 Golf Shoe Performance

There’s no denying the Adidas Tour 360 is a great golf shoe. But they definitely take a few rounds to break in. And even once they are broken in, you do still feel the effects of the weight after walking 6 or 7 miles in them.

From the moment I put on the ZG23 shoes, the difference in comfort and weight is noticeable. There is no break-in period here.

I walked 18 holes in my first round with them and both my body and feet felt excellent during and after the round.

I expected the lightweight nature of the shoe to impact my stability while swinging significantly, but overall this wasn’t an issue.

You don’t feel quite as stable or planted as you do in the Tour 360s, but it’s not far off. With built-in spikes the traction is fantastic, and I didn’t have any issues slipping at all.

Of course, I have yet to use these in wet weather – so I’ll update this review when I do.

My version of these shoes is all white with a mesh upper, which I do think will be hard to keep clean. I’d stock up on some stain treater if you go for this colorway, especially if you’re buying these as your one pair for every round you play. If that’s the case, I’d also consider one of the black models.

Final Thoughts on the Adidas ZG23

A lot of golfers are going to be drawn to both the ZG23 Vent and the ZG23 – especially the latter.

Here at Breaking Eighty, I review a lot of shoes from smaller to mid-size golf brands. Payntr, Ecco, G/FORE, TRUE…

But the reality is a lot of people just want a great golf shoe from a big name they know and trust.

Adidas is that name and the ZG23 is their flagship shoe for a reason.

The ZG23 pretty much has everything you want in a golf shoe: great traction, extremely comfortable, waterproof, and stable.

If you don’t care as much about the waterproof qualities and are more interested in weight and breathability – the Vent model is excellent.

But regardless of which model you choose, the ZG23 is an extremely capable golf shoe that can handle just about any conditions you throw at it.

The standard model is among the best all-around shoes I can recommend, and the Vent is just as good, but for a slightly more niche consumer.

Buy em!

Good Things

  • Great build quality
  • Very lightweight
  • Super comfortable

Bad Things

  • Looks are a bit pedestrian

The Breakdown

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