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G/FORE Contrast Sweater Review: These are NICE

No golf brand has skyrocketed up the list of my personal favorite brands faster this year than G/FORE.

For years, I had an image in my mind of what G/FORE was as a brand. 

And while yes, many of their designs are too bold or fashioned forward for me, the more subdued styles have been nothing short of phenomenal.

I’ve now reviewed 3 pairs of G/FORE shoes, G/FORE pants, and now two of their Contrast Merino Sweaters.

And every single one of those are things that I wear very regularly. 

Today we’re talking about the G/FORE Contrast Quarter Zip and Contrast Crew sweater. In terms of style and build quality, it’s everything I hoped it would be.

But there’s one thing I really wish I would have done differently when ordering one of these sweaters.

Read on to find out what it is.

The G/FORE Contrast Quarter Zip Sweater 

G/FORE Contrast Quarter Zip

G/FORE is certainly not a budget golf brand, so it’s to be expected that when you first pick up any of their products, it should feel representative of its price point (in this case, the Contrast Quarter Zip is $255).

Fortunately, upon taking the Contrast Quarter Zip Sweater out of its packaging, that’s exactly what I got.

This sweater is extremely soft, and is quite a bit heavier than I expected it to be.

It’s by no means bulky, it’s a bit thicker than the Contrast Merino Wool Blend Sweater that I talk about below.

I’m loving both pieces, but the added thickness of the quarter zip is nicer for cold days on the golf course. It’s also a little bit more flattering on the midsection should you have a little dad bod action going on.

The metal zipper pull with the G/FORE logo is another thoughtful touch, and adds to the aesthetic appeal of the sweater.

The G/FORE zipper pull

The G/FORE branded zipper pull.

The “v-neck” styling is something that won’t be for everyone, as it adds a slightly fashion-forward flare to the sweater. 

While personally, I’d usually go with a more classic quarter zip collar, this one looks really nice. Especially when paired with a muted color like the heather grey that I have, it’s just different enough to turn heads.

GFORE Contrast Sweater Quarter Zip

Overall the quality of the Contrast Quarter Zip is another excellent example of G/FORE being at the top of their game in terms of build and materials.

G/FORE Contrast Quarter Zip Sweater - Use Code "G4BREAKING8010" to Save 10%

What happens when you combine top-quality materials with modern style? You get some of the best apparel in the business, and the G/FORE Contrast Quarter Zip is a perfect example of this.

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G/FORE Contrast Merino Blend Crew Sweater

G:FORE Contrast Crew

Along with the quarter zip, I also got a Contrast crew neck sweater as well.

As mentioned, it’s not as thick as the quarter zip, which in some ways makes it feel more expensive. 

Which, technically it is at $275.

It’s an extremely soft, relatively delicate piece, that feels as expensive as any sweater I’ve come across.

One thing I always love about G/FORE is even their more straightforward pieces usually have some subtle features that make them unique.

In the case of the Contrast crew sweater, it’s the collar. The color has an extra little aesthetic layer that is white instead of the “Twilight” colored body.

GFORE Contrast Sweater Crew

The unique color of the Contrast Crew.

It stands out just enough. It’s nothing overly flashy, but I’ve now worn this sweater out 3 different times, and each time I was complimented on it.

It’s not the warmest sweater, but I’ve been pairing it with a vest that makes for a great winter look both on and off the course.

The major downside here is that it does wrinkle relatively easily, and it’s dry clean only, so it’s not the most low-maintenance sweater in the world.

Both the crew and quarter zip fit great with golf polos or without. So I’ve found these to be versatile pieces that are wearable both on the course, as well as for day-to-day activities.

G/FORE Contrast Crew Sweater - Use Code "G4BREAKING8010" to Save 10%

I'll go as far to say this is the nicest sweater I've ever owned. I love everything about it to the contrast on the collar to the beautiful Merino blend material.

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Sizing of the G/FORE Contrast Sweater

Whenever you’re buying something online, getting the size right can be a challenge.

Personally, I’ve found I’m often right between a medium and a large – which has been problematic on more than one occasion.

With these G/FORE sweaters, I spent a good 20 minutes comparing photos on the website and taking into account the “model notes” which have details about their height and the size they’re wearing.

Based on the photos and description I opted to pick up the Crew in large and the V-Neck in medium.

I should have known better.

Especially with a brand like G/FORE where the fit is a bit more tailored, I’d always size up if you’re concerned.

The Crew fits me perfectly. The quarter zip is just a little short and a little tight to be perfect.

I’m wearing it as we speak and will continue to do so, but if I had a chance to order again, large would be the way to go.

For reference, I’m 6′ 1″, 205 pounds, and have longer arms and a long torso. 

To be clear though, this isn’t a knock on G/FORE, this was my mistake, and in the future, I’ll be a large across the board for all G/FORE items I pick up.

Final Thoughts on the G/FORE Contrast Sweaters

There are a handful of brands in golf that are doing a great job of making clothes with modern fit and style, without ignoring the traditions. While not all G/FORE products fit that mold, I’ve found the ones that do to be among my favorite pieces I’ve worn and reviewed over the last few years.

These days, whether it’s their pants, shirts, shoes, or now sweaters – you’ll be unlikely to find me on a golf course without wearing at least one piece from the brand.

The downside is you’re paying for it. G/FORE is among the more expensive golf brands out there. As I get older though, I’ve found I’d much rather pay more for something I know I’ll love, than buy something just because it was on sale and “seemed like a good deal.”

The things I like I’ll wear over and over, and I can safely say until I lose, stain, or rip these sweaters – they are going to be a mainstay in my wardrobe.

Buy it!

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  1. Byron Bruce

    Hey Sean. Nice review of the GFore sweaters. I’ve moved down to TX from Forest Grove, but I’m taking a trip to Bandon the week of Thanksgiving. Any recommendations on what I should pack? I have pretty good rain gear (FJ and Nike), but layer-wise I’m just not sure. I don’t like playing when I feel bulky. – Byron

    • Sean Ogle

      Ah man, when did you move?? Work?

      Definitely bring rain gear.

      A few other things:
      -2 pairs of shoes
      -More socks than you think you need (I change after every round).
      -Long underwear can help keep in some warmth if you don’t like layering on bulkier items.

      I’d check out this post:

      You can skip to #17 for packing stuff.

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