DeWiz Golf Swing Analyzer

DeWiz Coupon Code: Use code “BREAKING” to Save $100!

There are all kinds of swing trainers out there. Some are great, some are worthless. But I’m not sure any of them are as unique as DeWiz golf. 

DeWiz works to not just help you fix your swing, but it uses tactile feedback to actually help you feel when you aren’t making a proper golf swing, based on preset parameters.

It works extremely well, and if your goal is to fix deficiencies in your swing, I’m not sure there’s a better device on the market.

And guess what? The team over at DeWiz has been kind enough to hook Breaking Eighty readers up with a huge discount on their products.

Use the DeWiz coupon code “BREAKING” to save $100 off any purchase of a DeWiz device.

The product is fantastic, but if you want to see exactly what it’s like to use it, then check out my full DeWiz Golf Review.

Best Training Aid
deWiz Golf Swing Analyzer - Use Code "BREAKING" to save $100

If you're looking to fix your slice or change your swing, this is our favorite training aid we've tested. Use code "BREAKING" to save $100 on your deWiz.

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