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FootJoy Golf Shoes: Our 4 Favorite Pairs of FootJoys in 2023

Updated in January 2023 to reflect dates and pricing. We’ll continue to update this as the year goes on and Footjoy releases their latest models of golf shoes.

Over the years, I’m not sure there’s a been a more reliable company in the world of golf footwear than FootJoy.

With one exception that I’ll mention below, every pair of FootJoy golf shoes I’ve worn have been both extremely comfortable and offered great performance.

Some brands (like Ecco for instance) lean towards the trend of spikeless golf shoes.

Other companies (like Nike) can lean towards style over performance. The Flyknit Racer G is a perfect example of this.

But FootJoy seems to do a little bit of everything well.

They’ll rarely (ok, probably never) be considered the “coolest” golf shoe. But you also rarely find someone who doesn’t respect a good pair of FootJoy golf shoes.

In this post I’m going to highlight my favorite 4 pairs of FootJoy shoes for 2023. They’ve got a little something for everyone depending on your needs.

I’m also going to share one pair of FootJoys that I actually wouldn’t recommend, as well. It’s the only pair I’m not a fan of, personally.

Ready to dive in? Sweet, let’s do this thing.

Best Overall FootJoy Golf Shoe: DryJoy Premier

FooyJoy Golf Shoe - DryJoy Premier

There aren’t many shoes in golf that are more iconic than the FootJoy DryJoy.

They’re a perfect blend of classic looks with modern comfort and performance.

These days there’s been a trend to more casual golf shoes, so it’s not as often you see someone getting formal and wearing a pair of DryJoys or something similar.

But something I’ve noticed recently is that many of the best golfers I know? Wear DryJoys. 

I heard this exchange in a group I was golfing with last week:

“Are those comfortable?”


DryJoys make a statement in the exact opposite way that a pair of say, Jordan golf shoes do.

They say “I’ve got style, I need performance, and I’m probably going to kick your ass if you decide to bet me.”

Best FootJoy Golf Shoes
FootJoy DryJoys Premiere Packard Golf Shoes

There are very few golf shoes that are as clean and classic looking at the FootJoy DryJoy Premiers. Throw in the fact they're still super comfortable and stable? And they get the pick for our favorite FootJoy golf shoes.

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Solid Alternative from a Different Brand: Ecco Biom C4 – This is a very different shoe than the DryJoy, but it gets my pick as the best golf shoe of 2023.

Best FootJoy Tour Shoe: Tour Alpha

FootJoy Golf Shoes - Tour Alpha

Sure, you’ll definitely see pros wear the DryJoys mentioned above. And if that’s the look you dig, then those will serve you great in any tournament round.

But you’re looking for the latest in tech, comfort, and stability, I’d go with the FootJoy Tour Alpha.

I’d be lying if I said it was the absolute most stylish golf shoe. It looks good. Franky, it just looks like a golf shoe.

But these are the shoes that do everything well. 

Need comfort? Check.

Need stability? Check.

Need it to be reliably waterproof? Check.

Where a lot of brands these days tend to put form over function, or lean towards the more casual hybrid style of shoe, these are for true golfers that need their golf shoes to do everything well.

They cost a little bit more than some other similar FootJoy models, but they’re worth the extra expense and will last you for multiple seasons to come.

Best FootJoy Shoes Under $100: Footjoy Flex

Footjoy Flex Golf Shoes

The Footjoy Flex Golf Shoes

I picked up my first pair of FootJoy Flex golf shoes nearly 3 years ago, and I still wear them from time to time.

They’re super light and so comfortable that they don’t feel like golf shoes.

If you look at the soles, you’d also barely recognize them as golf shoes due to their spikeless design.

If you’re playing a super wet round, traction will occasionally be an issue with the Flex. But honestly? I’ve had very few issues as far as that’s concerned. Certainly far fewer than I expected to when I first received them.

And these days there are a few different FootJoy Flex models out there. There’s the more supportive (and expensive “Hyperflex”), the Flex XP, and an updated model from my 2019 model Flex that was new in 2021.

Guess what? They’re all great. So if you want a comfortable shoe that won’t break the bank, we’d definitely consider the Footjoy Flex as a great option.

Our Review: FootJoy Flex Review: A great golf shoe for under $100…

Most Versatile Golf Shoe
FootJoy Flex Spikeless Golf Shoes

The Footjoy Flex far exceeded our expectations when we reviewed it. Comfortable, affordable, and easy to wear off the course if you hate changing shoes while traveling to and from the course.

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Solid Alternative from a Different Brand: Nike Roshe G. This is probably our favorite golf shoe under $100. Incredibly comfortable and looks great. Every golfer should have a pair in their locker.

Best Casual FootJoy Shoe: Contour Casual

FootJoy Contour Casual

So the Contour Casual isn’t necessarily going to be your one and only golf shoe. You’re not going to want to use it in super wet weather (although it is waterproof), and there are better shoes if you’re walking a hilly course.

But if you want a good-looking, low-top shoe, that screams casual emergency 9 with beers in hand?

This is one of my favorite shoes on the market. Seriously, every colorway looks downright sexy.

And while there are a ton of competitors with similar vibes as this, the FootJoy Contour Casual is still one of my personal favorites due to its comfort, design, and excellent color choices. 

Solid Alternative from a Different Brand: True Linkswear Knit Lux ii – True Linkswear has some excellent shoes that can feel more casual, but also perform very well. The Knit Lux ii is one of our favorite shoes for casual summer rounds.

Ones We’d Stay Away From: Footjoy Fury

Fooyjoy Fury Golf Shoes

Honestly, I thought I’d love the Footjoy Fury golf shoe. They’re a hybrid shoe at a premium price point that I thought would be able to handle everything pretty well.

That said, I don’t know if it was sizing issue or something else, but I found there to be so much bend in the toe box that it made walking in the shoes uncomfortable. Swinging a golf club? Similar issue when pivoting.  

These are an older model, but I know they’re still on sale in many places at a bit of a discount. And even at 50% off MSRP, I think there are better options out there.

Our Review: Footjoy Fury Review: It has one big problem…

Final Thoughts on FootJoy Golf Shoes for 2023

Are you trying to be the “cool guy” on the golf course? Then honestly, I think the DryJoy Premier Packard is going to be your best bet (and that’s assuming you have the personal style that matches this shoe).

If it fits your style, the Contour Casual are also pretty cool shoes.

That said, most of the time people don’t buy FootJoy golf shoes because it’s the “cool” choice.

They buy them because there may be no brand in golf that has more consistently good golf shoes than Footjoy. There’s a reason they’ve been around for decades. 

So chances are regardless of which Footjoy shoes you pick up? You’re going to be very happy (as long as it’s not the Fury…)

Want more golf shoe recommendations? Check out our list of the best golf shoes currently on the market.

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